As I mentioned last week, my latest book, Take Control of Security for Mac Users has just been published. What I didn’t mention is that this is my 50th Take Control title. I know what you’re thinking: only 50 books? Seriously? I know, I’ve been such a slacker. In my defense, I have written quite a bit of stuff besides Take Control books during that time, not to mention having two kids. Oh, and there was that one day I took off work. Sorry about that!

Anyway, 50 books seems like a nifty enough accomplishment that it deserves a little celebration, so I’m throwing myself a virtual party—and you’re invited!

This Saturday, May 23, 2015, from 10:45 a.m. to noon Pacific time, I’ll be in a Google Hangout On Air, along with a number of other TidBITS and Take Control personalities. I’ll tell stories, answer questions, and even hand out party favors. BYOB! For more details, to RSVP, or to join us live when the time comes, go to the Joe Kissell’s 50th Take Control Book Party page.

I hope you’ll join me! You may also be interested in my TidBITS article Joe Kissell’s Reflections on His First 50 Take Control Books, in which I muse on the past, present, and future of Take Control and what it’s been like for me to write so many books.