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209 pages • Version 2.1

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119 pages • Version 1.2

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129 pages • Version 1.1

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200 pages • Version 1.1

Keep your Mac running smoothly with this four-book collection

Prevent, solve, and recover from problems while improving your Mac’s performance! This bundle of four popular Joe On Tech titles is your complete guide to Mac fitness.

All four books have been updated to cover macOS 10.12 Sierra, and also support OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, and 10.11 El Capitan.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Backing Up Your Mac: The data on every Mac should be backed up to protect against theft, hardware failure, user error, and other catastrophes. This book helps you design a sensible backup strategy, choose and configure the best backup hardware and software for your needs, and understand how to make your backups as painless as possible. You’ll learn the hows and whys of backing up your Mac, understand the benefits and limitations of Time Machine (as well as alternatives to it), and see how bootable clones and cloud storage may factor into your plan. You’ll also discover how to deal with unusual backup needs and restore your data in an emergency.
  • Maintaining Your Mac: Like all machines, Macs are prone to break down eventually—in either a physical sense (a component going bad) or a logical sense (files becoming corrupted, apps misbehaving). You can reduce the risk of such problems, and minimize the damage when they do occur, with a regular maintenance regimen. You’ll start on the right foot by addressing common maintenance issues, and then perform simple tasks periodically to keep your Mac in top shape. The book also helps you discover useful utilities for automating parts of the process and dispels common misconceptions about maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting Your Mac: Even if you’ve carefully maintained your Mac, things can and will go wrong. Apps crash, network connections go wonky, error messages pop up, and sometimes your Mac might even refuse to turn on. In this essential guide, you’ll learn key troubleshooting skills that will help you address the most common and frustrating Mac irritations. You’ll also learn what to do when you encounter a problem for which you can’t find a ready-made solution. (Step one: Don’t panic!) This book contains the calm, friendly advice you need to find a solution to a wide variety of problems.
  • Speeding Up Your Mac: If your Mac seems a lot slower now than when you first bought it, it’s not your imagination. Over time, a wide variety of issues can lead to slow performance. With expert advice and a little detective work, you can find and fix these problems—returning your Mac to its original, peppy self. In this book you’ll learn how to find and address the exact causes of slow behavior. You’ll discover how to optimize CPU and RAM usage, eliminate disk bottlenecks, improve network performance (including web browsing and email), speed up peripherals, perform strategic software and hardware upgrades, and much more.

Ebook bundle includes PDF, EPUB, and Kindle versions.
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Joe On Tech guides are also available individually:
Backing Up Your MacMaintaining Your MacTroubleshooting Your MacSpeeding Up Your Mac

Free Bonus Materials!

If you want to teach someone else—say, a friend, your company, or a user group—about keeping their Mac in top shape, you’ll benefit from free downloadable training materials based on each of these books, including PDF “cheat sheets” with the essential points from the book, plus simplified PDF-based presentations. (Editable, brandable Keynote slides can be licensed for an additional fee.)

Reader Comments on Joe’s Books

Tens of thousands of readers have used Joe’s books to solve problems and enhance their skills. Here’s what a few of them have to say…

Joe’s top-notch instructional guides are among the absolute best in the field. His comprehensive, yet accessible, books on specific software titles and subjects like productivity, efficiency, and security will benefit users of all levels, from beginners to advanced power users. Whether you want to learn something brand new or update your already finely honed skills, Joe Kissell is an excellent resource.

Mariva H. Aviram

Joe Kissell’s books are great references for beginners and the technically proficient alike. Well organized, and written with direct knowledge of the computer user’s needs.

Rick Hyman

I’m addicted to the computer education books by Joe Kissell! And it has proven to be an extremely helpful as well as enjoyable and educational addiction. Over the years, I’ve gone paperless with Joe’s help, my wife and I have had many pain-free upgrades to a new Mac OS and I always am indebted to Joe’s books for all the advice on how to maintain essential and efficient backups.

Norm Harris

Joe Kissell has guided me through numerous OS updates, taught me about backups, FileVault, 1Password and many other topics that are ESSENTIAL to my day-to-day Mac use.

Michael Durrant

As Joe has done in his earlier 50+ ebooks for another imprint, he doesn’t just tell you ‘do this, do that’, he takes the view that you also want to know some of the ‘why’ of the topics he writes about. He helps you decide what’s right for you, which is way cool. Joe’s friendly style makes the pages go by in a breeze, it’s more like listening to a sage than reading a textbook.

I think [Backing Up Your Mac] is a really great book. You are really expert in these matters, the book is very well structured and very well and written and very pleasant to read. Your guidance in this 'mine field' was very informative and well argued and has helped me tremendously to set up a good backup plan. Worth every penny.


Ebook bundle includes PDF, EPUB, and Kindle versions.
Orders fulfilled by FastSpring.

Joe On Tech guides are also available individually:
Backing Up Your MacMaintaining Your MacTroubleshooting Your MacSpeeding Up Your Mac

About the Author

Joe Kissell has been using Macs since 1991, and writing about them since 1995. He is the author of more than 50 books on technology, including The Nisus Way, Take Control of iCloud, Take Control of Your Online Privacy, and Mac Security Bible. He is also a contributing editor to TidBITS and a senior contributor to Macworld, was the winner of a 2009 Neal award for Best How-to Article, and has appeared on the MacTech 25 list (the 25 people voted most influential in the Macintosh community) since 2007. Joe is the eponym and instigator of Joe On Tech, a website and ebook series that helps people improve their relationship with technology. He can neither confirm nor deny that he wears a mask and fights crime in his spare time. Joe lives in San Diego with his wife, their two sons, and their cat.

About Joe On Tech Guides

Joe On Tech guides provide practical advice on tech topics. Suitable for beginners and experienced users alike, they explain technology in a straightforward and friendly way. Joe On Tech guides offer:

  • Expert advice from an author with 20+ years of experience
  • Professional editing and technical review
  • PDF, EPUB, and Kindle ebook formats
  • Bookmarks and cross-references for easy navigation
  • Free minor updates
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Take Control Books has been publishing books on technical topics (with an emphasis on Apple products) since 2003. I (Joe Kissell) have written over 50 of those books, and I plan to continue writing books for Take Control. (See Joe Kissell’s Reflections on His First 50 Take Control Books.) When it became infeasible for Take Control to keep some of my older (but much-loved) books up to date, I offered to “adopt” them, update them myself, and release them here with new titles and layouts. Take Control then functions as a reseller for Joe On Tech books.
They’re similar in both content and quality. For these books, I hired an editor (Caroline Rose) and a technical reviewer (Dan Frakes) who have also worked for Take Control, and I followed the same overall process. Although the Joe On Tech style guide and behind-the-scenes technical processes are a bit different, I hold these books to the high standards readers have come to expect from Take Control.
Absolutely. The ebooks include PDF, EPUB, and Kindle versions, so you can read them on virtually any electronic device. The PDF versions are best for reading on a computer screen (using Preview, Acrobat Reader, PDFpen, or similar apps). The EPUB versions are perfect for iBooks. And the Kindle (Mobipocket) versions work on all your Kindle devices, as well as in the Kindle app for Mac.
These books are for sale in several online stores, including Amazon, Apple’s iBooks Store, Leanpub, and Take Control. However, this particular bundle is available only from this site. Price aside, there are other great reasons to buy these books here:
  • When you buy books from Joe On Tech, all the proceeds (after transaction fees) go to me; when you buy it elsewhere, the distributor takes a hefty cut first.
  • I supply PDF, EPUB, and Kindle versions of the ebook, but Amazon provides only the Kindle version, while the iBook Store provides only the EPUB version.
  • I offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, if you buy the book from the Joe On Tech site.
  • When you purchase a book directly from me, I’m able to contact you about free updates, corrections, and new editions, but when you buy from another distributor, you become their customer, not mine, and I can’t reach you.
You betcha. If you’re interested in reviewing the book, drop me a note using my contact form and I’ll hook you up.

Ebook bundle includes PDF, EPUB, and Kindle versions.
Orders fulfilled by FastSpring.

Joe On Tech guides are also available individually:
Backing Up Your MacMaintaining Your MacTroubleshooting Your MacSpeeding Up Your Mac

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