I was watching Sesame Street this morning—um, I mean, my 5-year-old son was watching Sesame Street and I just, you know, happened to be in the same room—when a familiar face on the screen caught my attention: Christina Hendricks, best known as Joan on Mad Men (but I’ll always think of her as Saffron from Firefly). And when she said she and Elmo were here to tell us all about technology, I got even more interested.

Christina explained it like this:

Technology is a tool that helps you do things.

That’s not a bad definition—it sort of echoes what I said in What Is Technology, Anyway?. But as she started showing examples of these tools, all of which were handheld electronic gadgets, my heart sank a bit, because that’s such a painfully narrow way of looking at technology and precisely what I argue against. But that was just a setup: Elmo stepped in at the last minute and produced an even better example. Clearly, Elmo reads Joe On Tech.

If you like technology, Christina Hendricks, or Elmo, this video is definitely worth a minute and 53 seconds of your time.