It’s been less than a month and a half since Backing Up Your Mac: A Joe On Tech Guide was published, and during that time quite a few reviews have appeared. I’m deeply grateful for the overwhelmingly positive things reviewers have had to say about the book, and I’d like to share some of them with you here.

Elisa Pacelli of reviewed the book and gave it a 10 out of 10 score. A brief excerpt:

One theme that’s consistent in Kissell’s books: he never tells you what you should do (other than making sure you back up!); rather he offers suggestions, options, and choices. He uses his years of experience to explain why one method may work better than another, but leaves the ultimate choice up to the individual. Readers can feel confident after finishing Backing Up Your Mac that they’ll have all the facts they need to make an informed decision on backup strategy.

Backing Up Your Mac is a must-have resource to help you configure the game plan that’s right for you.

John Nemerovski of Not Another Mac Podcast reviewed the book (review starts at 39:42). Among the things he said:

This is a serious book, and every single person who uses a Mac should be aware of it…if you want to get way, way more than $10–15 worth of advice and information from the super guru about backing up your Mac, read every single word that Joe Kissell says about backing up your Mac.

Strongest recommendation…everyone should be following different parts of his advice.

Miraz Jordan reviewed the book on her KnowIT blog. A few excerpts:

There’s a lot of information here, clearly laid out, covering all the options someone like me could need—in a small business and relying on my Mac.

This is a book where you read the first part carefully and act on the advice. Then, with your stuff safely backed up you can leave the book on the shelf (virtual or otherwise) hoping you’ll never need it.

But when you do need it, as you inevitably will, then take it out and work through the steps to retrieve that valuable information.

This is another clear, usable book by one of my favourite tech authors. If you treasure the stuff on your Mac you’d do well to work though this book and get yourself well set up before the worst happens.

The book currently has 5-star ratings at both Amazon and the iBooks Store. Excerpts from selected reader reviews:

Dave N:

If you like structured learning in a friendly way, Joe on Tech’s “Backing Up Your Mac” is for you. Even if you like to cherry-pick, Joe’s ebook makes it easy to skim the Contents and jump right to the stuff you need.

As Joe has done in his earlier 50+ ebooks for another imprint, he doesn’t just tell you ‘do this, do that’, he takes the view that you also want to know some of the ‘why’ of the topics he writes about. He helps you decide what’s right for you, which is way cool.

Joe’s friendly style makes the pages go by in a breeze, it’s more like listening to a sage than reading a textbook.

Again, he’s not about ‘my way or the highway’, he wants you to understand a topic, explain why he does what he does, and give you the smarts to pick your own path, be it his way or your own. Hard to imagine a more respectful way of education!

David Redfearn:

An excellent, smart and comprehensive review of all the backup options for Macs—and why they are necessary. Beyond covering the basics, his advice is spot-on! … The other thing to mention is that Joe is very responsive to inquiries and questions—he is not a technical support department but he has been very helpful to me (for this and other topics) when I had questions.

James Tummins:

This is the best, most accessible book on backups I’ve seen. (Having worked in the data storage industry most of my career, I’ve seen a lot.) This is also the best data protection insurance you’ll ever buy.

S. Audette:

Highly recommended. Lots of depth but very well organized and approachable.

Thanks so much everyone for saying such nice things about the book! There’ll be another one for you to read Real Soon Now.