Thank you for visiting Joe On Tech. Make yourself comfortable, and be sure to sample our free (virtual) coffee and donuts.

I’m Joe Kissell, the guy in the purple shirt. I’ve spent most of my career writing about technology for smart people who don’t happen to be technophiles. My idea of a good time is figuring out how to use technology to accomplish complicated tasks. It’s like a fantastic, never-ending game that involves logic, creativity, and intuition. (My current score is 48,619. Beat that!)

How can I solve problems, be more productive at work, and have more fun when I play? How can I get stuff done faster and with less hassle so I can spend more quality time with my family? How can I avoid fighting with the very tools that are supposed to improve my life? Those questions are much more interesting to me than the shiny new objects, rumors, and industry intrigues.

So that’s what this site is about—having a better, saner, more satisfying relationship with technology. Not just computers and other things that go bing, but technology of all kinds. I hope you find it helpful and thought-provoking.

The site’s name started out as “The Joe of Tech,” inspired by the wonderful web comic The Joy of Tech by Nitrozac and Snaggy, but after further discussion, we decided that it would be better if the two sites’ names were less similar.

For more details, I invite you to read The Joe On Tech Manifesto and visit the About page. Lots of cool things are coming. I’m glad you’re here.